Senior Portraits Class of 2019

This info is for ALL South Fayette Seniors (class of 2019) ! 

We offer a full 25% discount off 25-percent-off-sale-image copy all regular prices for your casual senior portraits at Redford.

MANY people mistakenly think we are EXPENSIVE.  OUR PORTRAITS REALLY DO LOOK EXPENSIVE but WE ARE NOT EXPENSIVE.   You will be very glad you took the time to find that we are really much lower priced than you have heard! We have been told that our prices are very much in line with amateurs and the many “mom’s with cameras”  that all advertise they can take your senior portrait shots.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 4.48.00 PMOur 30+ years of senior portrait experience have given us 100’s of indoor and out-of-doors natural scenes.  We simply know how to make highly flattering senior portraits cost effectively. We also help you all the way to find the very best images and then professionally graphically retouch those images to enhance the seniors good looks! Most amateurs will just had you or email you the images and be done!

You will find, that there are MANY benefits of choosing Redford to create your casual portraits. Please take a few minutes to search to learn why you should absolutely have us be your senior photographer.  YOU MAY BE SURPRISED BY OUR PRICING!

Question…..What is the difference between a casual and a yearbook photo session?

ANSWER….A Yearbook photo session is a session that creates the photo for the yearbook and gift prints and/or a digital file (do it yourself printing) for your family and friends.

A Casual session takes place in the Redford studios utilizing both indoor and outdoor photography. Examples of casual photography here.  We also offer on-location (your favorite place) casual sessions if you wish!

A full service session package with prints and or digital files and session is just $299. The next larger package ( more time with the photographer and more images) is just $499. Please check exact packages and prices here.  

PLUS .  25-percent-off-sale-image copy.jpg

GO! Look at the Pricing…then take 25% off of those prices!

WE are located about 15 minutes from the High School. VERY NEAR Southpointe.

To learn more about the sessions we offer Seniors visit


We have photographed over 20,000 seniors since 1986! REDFORD IS NOT EXPENSIVE! Our images just look that way!

We hear every day that people say that we are expensive.  Our photography is really not expensive.  The average high school senior spends in the neighborhood of $250 to 500 dollars. Some seniors spend $49. When you hear that some one spent over 1000, that is a rare occurrence but thats the one that DOES get talked about!

We realize that you may use an amateur or a mom with a camera that has a few years experience for about the same prices as we offer.  Once you see the studios and our photography and prices, it will become obvious that you should have Redford be your senior photographer!

Redford Photography is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh in Canonsburg.
Redford Photography is the nation’s largest Portrait Studio. With 10,000 sq. ft. of Photographic space.  Redford was designed with the high school Seniors  in mind. Every year 700-800 High School Juniors walk through our doors to create high quality, and very flattering, custom designed senior portraits.

Redford photography is dedicated to creating the nations best senior portrait experience. Utilizing our vast space, countless backgrounds & settings, and our spacious scenic outdoor portrait park, every senior portrait is created in it’s own unique approach. No two High School Senior portrait collections are the same.  And by the way….REDFORD IS NOT EXPENSIVE!