Wardrobe recommendations for yearbook photos

Studio sessions….

Try to arrive about 15 min prior to your session and relax!  If you are a little late because of traffic DO NOT PANIC. We have done this multiple thousands of times! If you run a few minutes late you may just have to wait a bit longer.

You should not try new hair styles right before your session.

These are your photographs, Your clothing choice!  These are just recommendations from over the years to help you look your very best!


This is a head and shoulders photo. You can wear your choice of clothing from the waste down.

We offer the yearbook drape if you wish. Just bring or wear a top with out a collar (for underneath the drape for comfort. Examples of drape here.

If not choosing the drape  Solid toned tops are usually best and darker shades can be a bit more thinning

Nothing WILD or LOUD, This is A portrait of you. Your wardrobe should help to flatter not dominate.


Pease SHAVE BEFORE YOU ARRIVE….5 o’clock shadow is extremely hard to remove, if not impossible! 

Jacket and tie is normally best BUT…

Solid tops and sweaters, for example do work but jacket and ties have been the norm for a vey long time  Please check last years yearbook for examples if you are thinking of not using jacket and tie.

Solid toned shirt is best.  Please choose a shirt that fits well around the collar.

ALL ties work! Truly.  If you are concerned just stay aways from LOUD!

No pants necessary, You can come in jeans or shorts from the waist down