Official Senior Yearbook Portrait info for the class of 2019

To the Seniors and Families of the South Fayette Class of 2019,

For those who have not had their senior portrait created by Redford Photography You will two options to have this done!

Option 1. 

Have your senior portrait taken on Thursday, September 13th at the school.

Redford will be at the school and providing yearbook sessions for any senior class of 2019.  A schedule will be made for this day by the yearbook advisor.  There is no cost to have this picture taken for the yearbook, however discounted pricing is available for those wishing to purchase prints and or digital images. (do it yourself printing).   An order form will be given to every senior by the yearbook advisor. Please be sure to bring the completed form and payment to the photographer on September 13th.

Option 2.

Schedule your Senior Yearbook Picture at Redford Studios. 

For those wishing to have a private sitting with family members able to help decide on the photograph and or you wish to have casuals created at the same time….You may schedule an appointment at Redford Studio. There is a session fee of $25. This fee goes toward any purchase which is 25% off our regular prices for yearbook photography. 

Please contact Redford directly for pricing information and to schedule.  The school will NOT do any scheduling for you at Redford Studio, you must handle this yourself.  Please contact Redford at 724-743-5700.  The Deadline for Yearbook submission is October 27th.

Option 3.

Get your Senior Yearbook Picture while doing a Casual Session at Redford

Studio.Redford offers SF Seniors 25% off all casual senior picture purchases.  We offer two great casual (including yearbook) packages between 225 and 425. No minimum purchase!  REDFORD IS NOT EXPENSIVE!  Please call 724-743-5700 mon-thur 10a to 6p or visit for details. The deadline for Yearbook Submission is October 27th.

Any questions regarding your senior picture experience may be directed to Redford Photography. 

724-743-5700 or   email at

Thank You!

Redford has been chosen the official yearbook and Senior portrait photographer for many reasons.

  1. They provide, free of charge, thousands of candids of our sports teams each year.  They make sure our sports teams are well represented for our yearbook.
  2. They are extremely professional and easy to work with. They communicate very quickly and competently when needed.
  3. They provide a state-of-the-art professional indoor and outdoor park studio for our yearbook needs.
  4. They provide very good photography for our Homecoming and Prom dances.  Their prices are very low for those who wish to have professional photographs from those dances.
  5. For the seniors…Your yearbook session and resulting portrait is free when taken at the school. This year it is September 13 at the school.

Your senior portrait for the yearbook..class of 2019.

There are 2 separate ways and opportunities to have your yearbook image created for the official yearbook of South Fayette High School!

 Yearbook sessions are free. If you wish you may purchase photos and or digital files ( do it your self printing). See prices here

Redford sessions always include:

*Professional studio photography

*RETOUCHING… (Blemishes, loose hairs, skin shine). 

(Brace removal is an extra $25 per image)

*On-time delivery to the the South Fayette yearbook advisor.

PLEASE CHOOSE ONE OF THE 2 SESSION OPTIONS BELOW for you official yearbook portrait

OPTION 1 TAKES PLACE AT THE REDFORD STUDIOS. (15-20 minutes from High School)

GPS… 679 Morganza Road 15317….

Click here for text directions from High School

This studio option offers many benefits….

No rushing, as there is more time available at the studio.  

Plenty of mirrors, perfect temperature, and 4 private dressing rooms.

Parents are also invited & encouraged to attend this STUDIO session if they wish to take part in a very easy viewing and choosing process.  

We will also gladly take more images if you wish, to make sure you have a great yearbook photograph that will be in your home for 50 to 100 years!  Yes, it’s that important!

These STUDIO sessions take 15 to 30 minutes on average.

First come first served so you may want to book now so you can have more time choices for your busy schedule.  


How to prepare for your yearbook session…(CLICK HERE)

You may also, if you wish,  purchase photos at that session.

Click here for prices for prints and digital files (do it yourself printing). No purchase necessary!

Options 2 takes place at the high school on September 13.

Less time is available at the school and parents will not be there. 

(The studio option is truly the most convenient to have a great yearbook in just one visit)! See option one above and you can schedule 24/7 at the link above. Studio sessions take 15-30 minutes plus travel for this “once in a lifetime photograph” !

 You should dress appropriately even if you choose to have photos taken at school.

Click here  for clothing recommendations for your yearbook photo