About Redford School Photography

Redford Photography, a local company for 40 years, has always been known for high quality portraits. We have used our experience to dramatically increase the quality of school photography! We simply know how to effortlessly work with children of all ages to obtain great expressions. Redford Photography is setting new & very high standards of providing school pictures & photography services to local schools. Our school clients have found us to be the most efficient, highest quality, and friendliest photography company in the region.

Everyone at Redford Photography is eager and willing to bring you the finest experience possible.

Why Parents Love Redford School Photography

1. The photos are simply better than they have ever seen!

2. Our prices are fair!

3. Our guarantee is Golden Rule based. Photo packages are corrected if necessary at no charge or a full refund is given for ANY concern! No questions asked.

4. Anyone can contact us directly for any question or concern.  We answer with competence!

5. Parents love dealing with family owned businesses that they can trust.

6. Any senior in your school district receives a special discount on their senior portrait package.



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